Practical Advice, Active Management

Our clients ask three main questions:
  1. Do I have enough to retire?
  2. Will my retirement income allow me to maintain my desired lifestyle with rising costs?
  3. Are my financial affairs in order so that they pass on efficiently to the next generation?
Answering "YES" to these questions is important, and in today's world, most people need help getting to "YES"
What can you expect as a client of the Broxterman Team?
Practical Advice
Together with our clients, we develop practical financial plans and take actions to realize the goals set out in those plans. We then meet and communicate regularly to ensure you are on track to meet your financial goals and objectives.
Active Portfolio Management
Over the years, Tony has developed close relationships with some of the best Investment Managers in Canada. He is in regular contact with these managers to receive timely stock and fixed income ideas for his clients. This level of market vigilance is an asset to all clients of the Broxterman Team. You can expect to be contacted regularly to ensure your portfolios are well positioned.
In summary, our clients want straightforward advice on investing in the markets today and making plans for the future. This is what the Broxterman Team delivers.