Our relationship with you will be documented in writing through an Investment Policy Statement so you will know our commitment to you.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Two in person meetings per year.  We will, however, meet as often as necessary if there are things going on.

  • Phone meetings scheduled in between in person meetings.

  • A written financial plan.

  • A financial plan that you can understand.

  • Letting you know every meeting if your plan is on track.  And, if it is not on track, why that is.

  • Consultations with our various experts when needed.

  • Liaising with your other advisors such as lawyer, accountant and banker to ensure we are all on same page when assisting you.

  • Detailed, consolidated quarterly reporting showing you the items you want to see.


Most advisors hand off your hard earned money to a third party to manage.  We bypass the middle man and manage individual equities and bonds for you – this reduces fee, increases transparency and makes us more nimble when managing risk.  All these improvements increase your odds of success.



Todd Kennedy, CIM, FCSI

Vice-President & Portfolio Manager