Your lifestyle matters

We believe in a Lifestyle Wealth Process. Proper management determines wealth. Wealth determines lifestyle.

We have been providing our clients a lifestyle approach to Wealth Management since 1997.  We believe in the importance of building one-to-one commitments with clients who share a similar attitude.  We use our expertise and professional experience to manage your wealth so you can enjoy greater peace of mind.

As Portfolio Manager, Todd Christensen offers discretionary Portfolio Management.  The advantage of having a boutique wealth management team is that you have one-to-one access to a comprehensive roster of resources that cater to your financial lifestyle goals.  With our in-house expertise, you will benefit from a range of specialized knowledge, such as business, estate or tax planning, combined with wealth and retirement strategies.

Professional management

One-to-one services

Individualized wealth solutions

Our focus is not on exclusivity but on one-to-one service.  There are many unpredictable elements to the market, but one thing we can control is the quality of our service.  We are committed to understanding your needs, so we may provide you individualized wealth solutions.


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