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Your dedicated advisor team takes the time to learn about you, your family, and your business so they can best serve your specific needs, goals, and circumstances. Get to know the St. John's branch teams.

Christopher March, B.Comm.

Investment Advisor

Phone Number709-576-1084 | Email me | Visit Website

David Kelly, CPA, CA, FMA, FCSI

Senior Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager & Financial Planner

Phone Number709-576-4596 | Email me | Visit Website

Greg Parrott, CIM, FCSI

Senior Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager & Financial Planner

Phone Number709-576-4795 | Email me | Visit Website

Ian B. W. Andrews, MBA, PFP

Investment Advisor

Phone Number709-758-1176 | Email me | Visit Website

Luke O'Brien, MBA, CFA, PFP

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor

Phone Number709-576-4358 | Email me | Visit Website

Susan J. Kielley

Investment Advisor

Phone Number709-576-4214 | Email me | Visit Website

The Ron Beer Wealth Management Team 

Phone Number709-576-4292 | Email me | Visit Website

Tom Coady, B.Comm.

Investment Advisor

Phone Number709-576-4297 | Email me | Visit Website


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