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Annett LeBeau
Insurance Specialist

Annett LeBeau is a valuable member of your Investment Advisors team, helping you create and preserve your wealth.  Annett began her career in the insurance industry in 2000 and is a specialist in her field. She has acquired the Elder Planning Counsellor (EPC) designation.

Working closely with your advisor, Annett employs a comprehensive process to assess your wealth management needs and then recommends creative, tax-exempt insurance strategies to help address them. For more complicated situations, she works with your other professional advisors in the development of appropriate solutions.
Annett can focus on both personal and corporate insurance solutions to help increase your net worth, reduce the impact of taxation and secure your wealth through a variety of life insurance, annuity, and living benefits solutions. She can also ensure your wealth is transferred to your heirs in accordance with your wishes. To help you receive high-quality, cost-effective insurance solutions, Annett evaluates various insurance offerings from Canadas top-ranked insurance providers.


Group Consultant
Royal Bank
RBC Group Advantage