A+ Portfolios

A+ is an innovative investment platform that gives you convenient access to a professionally managed, fully customized investment portfolio. A+ provides access to some of the world’s leading investment managers, backed by RBC’s proven investment discipline.

With most investment programs, you are fit to the program. However with A+, the program is fit to you. Your A+ portfolio is individually crafted based on your unique needs for capital growth, investment income and asset preservation. Then, your A+ portfolio is professionally managed for you within strict parameters, freeing you to focus on your other important priorities with confidence.

Your customized A+ portfolio provides:

  • The expertise of leading independent asset management firms, carefully assessed through in-depth research, and brought together in a coordinated, customized portfolio
  • The latest portfolio management technology that brings together multiple asset managers into a single, unified portfolio with consolidated reporting and synchronized asset allocation
  • A proven investment discipline that ensures your portfolio is set, monitored and rebalanced according to your specific investment guidelines
  • A modern approach that can help you achieve your financial goals, without compromising on your personal values

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