Our Process

Our Framework For Success


Creating Your Personal Portfolio

We Use a five-step Process to Achieve Your Investment Goals

1) Create your investment policy

Your Investment Policy Statement, created individually for you, takes into account your return expectations, income requirements, risk tolerance, time horizon and unique preferences. It also addresses your tax situation, in order to help us make investment decisions that minimize the impact of taxes. Based on all these factors, we can recommend an ideal asset-allocation model for your portfolio. How your portfolio is divided among the three main asset classes, cash, fixed income and equities-is the most important factor in determining the balance between managing risk and providing higher returns. In addition, your portfolio may be diversified along geographical lines to take advantage of global opportunities.

2) Build Your Portfolio

Based on your ideal asset-allocation model, we select an appropriate combination of investments for your portfolio. Every type of investment is available to help meet your needs. In selecting your investments we combine an understanding of the “big picture”- overall global economic and market trends-with fundamental research of individual investment opportunities. Senior economists, portfolio strategists and research analysts from various parts of the RBC Financial Group augment our team’s decisions in building your portfolio.

3) Manage Your Portfolio

Market and economic conditions change. Your personal situation and goals will also change. As a result, it is essential to make appropriate adjustments to your portfolio from time to time.

4) Adjusting Your Investment Strategy

Reviewing your portfolio at least annually, and in some cases, semi-annually or quarterly, is important, specifically when it comes to making sure your asset mix is in line with your investment objectives. Obtaining an update on your personal and financial situation is important as your goals are likely to change over time and should be reflected in changes to your portfolio's composition. We will also identify opportunities to build and protect your wealth as your needs evolve through value-added financial, estate and insurance planning services.

5) Keeping you informed of your progress

We monitor your progress on a regular basis, the last step of the process. You also will receive a monthly account statement that details the activity in your portfolio and provides the current value of all your positions. In addition, you have access to your accounts and timely market information through our online services.