My investment philosophy is based on eight guiding principles:

Principle # 1: It Starts with You

An effective investment strategy cannot be developed in isolation from your broader life goals and unique circumstances. I will devote considerable time and energy getting to know you. I will use an individualized financial plan to summarize your unique needs, and offer investment solutions tailored to your needs.

Principle # 2: Assets Allocation Rules

Research and practice show that only a small fraction (approximately 5-10%) of total lifetime return comes from individual investment selection. The rest is driven by decisions on the asset mix and how people react to market dynamics. Asset allocation determines the portfolios risk-return characteristics, and investment experience. Based on my understanding of your unique situation, I will recommend and document your strategic asset allocation, and continually monitor and adjust it as required for suitability and performance considerations.

Principle # 3: Invest So You Can Sleep At Night

Holding solid investment with good margin of safety and shareholder yield increases the chances of superior long-term performance. I follow a deciplined research-intensive multi-strategy investment process that is proven to consistently select high-quality securities for clients in all market conditions. The process also clearly defines a sell discipline that safeguards the portfolio quality. Your peace of mind is of prime importance to me.

Principle # 4: Decipline Is the Key

One of the biggest challenges facing investors is the natural, yet counter-productive emotional response to the inevitable ups and downs of the capital markets. Making hasty reaction to short-term market volatility impedes progress towards achieving your financial goals. One of my responsibility is helping you stay the course with a well defined investment plan that is based on time-tested winning investment strategies. To certain extent, investment success is about avoiding big mistakes.

Principle # 5: Never Bet The Farm

Large institutional investors like pension funds are well known for their balanced approach. They diversify across asset classes, investment styles, geographic regions, market capitalization, and money managers. Managing your money for your financial future is like running your personal pension fund. I will work with you to manage risk and pursue consistent long-term performance. 

Principle # 6: Keep It Simple

Investors today face a bewildering array of investment products. I believe that investing in outstanding businesses or money managers that you understand provides you with a better chance of superior return. I focus on fully understanding a smaller list of long-term performers. Because I deal with a more concentrated list of products and money managers, I can track them in detail, and be proactive in advising you when changes need to be made.  I make sure you feel comfortable with what you own.

Principle # 7: Time in Market, Not Market Timing

Investing is not speculating. Successful investors do not rely on lucky guesses. They understand wealth is best created by owning a portfolio of high quality while reasonably valued assets and giving it the time for the valuation to grow.

Principle # 8: Penny Saved Is More Than Penny Earned

Its not how much you make its how much you keep. Investment products and strategies are not created equal in terms of tax efficiency. Saving tax for you is a major consideration when we propose solutions. We have experts on the team who specialize in helping you stay ahead of the taxman.