Women and Wealth

Women face unique challenges when it comes to wealth planning. Differences in life expectancy, health care and income mean that sound planning and investment knowledge are critical to closing the gap in financial wellness.It is not only the volume of women’s wealth and income that is increasing their influence in wealth management markets. Women’s financial lives are typically more complex than men’s, meaning they are often more in need of financial advice.


Statistically, Canadian Women on average, have a life expectancy that is four years longer than men. One of the biggest challenges faced by widows in the years immediately following the death of a husband or partner is adjusting to a lower level of income, be it from pension sources, government transfers or investments.


While facing a radical change in financial affairs after a divorce, many will need to re-think the financial priorities and to develop plans and strategies that will provide financial security for themselves and dependents.

Sandwich Generation

The combination of professional responsibilities and personal obligations leaves many women with not enough time to concentrate on protecting their own and their children's financial futures. Many also feel responsible for their parents' finances and health-care costs.


With the growing number of Women in Business and Professional positions, there is a increased need to evaluate and discuss Tax Planning, Retirement Planning and Succession Planning that is relevant to your Business.


As more women acquire more wealth, they are thinking more about how they can make a positive societal impact. In particular, women and the next generation are focused on collaborating with others to help more women and young girls have opportunities to lift themselves into better circumstances.

Women face unique financial challenges and most have different priorities in Wealth Planning.  By understanding your goals, concerns and expectations, we can develop a comprehensive plan that gives you the confidence to successfully navigate life’s milestones.

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Stephanie Woo, CIM, FMA

Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor


Heather Esposito

Associate Advisor