When creating a structured way to donate and give to your favorite charities, we have tools at our disposal to ensure that they can receive your gifts in the most efficient way possible. Gifting opportunities can include:

  • Making annual gifts of cash or assets
  • Giving lump sums
  • Providing unlimited and tuition payments when paid directly to the institution
  • Transferring assets to minors
  • Using various types of giving to help charities and receive an income tax and/or estate tax deduction

Charitable giving at estate settlement is another way to accomplish your philanthropic goals while also offering tax advantages. There are a number of effective tools and strategies including:

  • Gifting appreciated securities
  • Contributing to donor advised funds
  • Contributing to pooled income funds
  • Establishing charitable gift annuities
  • Establishing charitable trusts
  • Creating private family foundations 
  • Purchasing life insurance
  • Donating remainder interest in a residence or vacation home

Philanthropy resource:

Charitable giving and foundations

Social Impact

With Stephanie Woo’s Wealth Management Team you can get assurance you are aligning your personal values with your investments. With the ability to create a portfolio of environmentally and socially responsible companies, you can feel good that you are investing in businesses that are heading in the right direction. If you are curious to learn more about these types of investments, here are some resources:

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