Fraud Awareness -- It's Paramount to Protect Yourself

September 20, 2022 | Stephanie Woo, CIM, FMA


Year over year, incidents of fraud and identity theft continue to rise so knowing how to protect yourself is paramount. 

New scams involving emails, texts, phone calls and fake websites are all made to seem legitimate. A recent RBC & Ipsos survey found that 77% of Canadians believed they were knowledgeable on cyber security but only 16% could identify the majority of cyber terms correctly.  

We want to help protect you and your financial information so we have compiled some tips and resources for you to review.

Learn how you can be tricked via email, phone or social media to share your financial information. 

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Protect Yourself.

We understand how important information security and privacy are to you and want you to stay diligent in protecting your information.  Please share this important information with those you care about.  

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