How we invest

For over 30 years we have been investing clients’ money using a disciplined approach built on the foundations of capital protection and total return. 


Our bespoke portfolio construction considers each client’s individual circumstances and we focus on achieving their long-term goals while managing the risks along the way.


Our philosophy is underpinned by a number of key investment principles:

  • There is no need to strive for excessive returns and endure the risk and volatility that must be assumed to achieve them

  • We want to preserve client’s capital and achieve a respectable return

  • Individual security and overall market valuation metrics are always taken into consideration

  • Political, monetary, and regulatory policies and events are monitored and factored into our decision making

  • We overlay a variety of technical analysis’ to aid in our decision making and these are all monitored daily

  • We are not buy and hold. We are buy, hold, and constantly monitor

Things change. Recognize that things change. Change with them.

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