Guided Portfolios operate within rules and guidelines that bring discipline to the management of equity portfolios.

Our guiding principles are to:

  • Diversify the portfolio across industry sectors in a way that fits the global economic outlook
  • Choose high quality companies in each sector according to objective guidelines
  • Adhere to pre-established rules for making changes to the portfolio
Top-down analysis

Strategy Committee comprised of our leading economists, research analysts and portfolio strategists meets quarterly to provide recommendations regarding:

  • Economic outlook, interest rates, corporate earnings and equity valuations
  • Asset allocation between equities, fixed-income and cash
  • Sector allocation between four major economic sectors Industrial, Interest Sensitive, Consumer and Resource

Bottom-up analysis

  • Individual companies assigned a score based on three research disciplines: fundamental, technical and quantitative.
  • Bottom-scoring companies eliminated from universe of stocks.
  • Independent selection committee applies qualitative screen.
  • End result is a list of quality companies suited to the forecast environment.