Scott Lewis, CFA

Vice-President, Portfolio Manager, Investment & Wealth Advisor

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Sarah Jones

Associate Advisor

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Patrick McMullon, CPA, CA


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Scott J. Lewis Wealth Management

Vision Statement



  • To deliver superior Wealth Management advice by getting to know each of our clients at an in-depth level through a detailed financial discovery process.
  • Providing outstanding performance results based on each clients’ risk tolerance parameters and measuring those results on an annual basis.
  • To make sure that clients’ get value for their fees paid to us
  • To give the client the peace of mind that they are dealing with Canada’s largest and most trusted investment firm, fully backed by the Royal Bank of Canada.

Our Values

Commitment to Clients

We are committed to providing an exceptional client service experience to each of our clients not only when the accounts are opened, but years down the road.

Every client will be offered a “Detailed Scott Lewis Client Experience Commitment”, including Financial Plan, an Annual Portfolio Review, Semi- Annual telephone reviews, Retirement Analysis, Income Projections, Tax Planning, Estate Planning & Preservation and Insurance Review.


Twenty years ago I decided that the best way to add value in the Investment world was to work in a fiduciary role with the combination of the ethical standards of RBC Dominion Securities and the Association of Chartered Financial Analysts. We expect the highest ethical standards in our work and personal lives.

Excellence and Innovation

We believe in lifelong learning and technical innovation in our practice. With the strength of RBC behind us, you can be assured of the highest level of safety in all of our processes.


We believe that we are one part of the team assembled to manage your ongoing financial success. Our team includes the Portfolio Manager, Associate (Sarah Jones), Financial Planning Specialist(Nathalie Wybouw), Estate & Will Consultant (Sharon Avery) and Wealth Preservation Specialist (Jason Lewis).


Our communication strategy is simple – We review your portfolio annually and report to you by phone semiannually. We always love to hear from our clients and we strive to respond to you within a 48 hour period.

Investment Research

We are constantly looking for the best companies to buy for our clients. Using a top down, value based approach, our portfolios are rebalanced at minimum quarterly. Our disciplined approach to investing has proven to add alpha to portfolios over the long term.

Large, blue chip companies with a long history are our signature investment choice and we diversify across sectors for added protection.

Our strength in investment research comes from our close affiliation with the gold standard in research in Canada, RBC Capital Markets.

Responsible Citizenship

We commit to not only serve our clients but to be an active player in the communities where we live. Philanthropy in our own hometown, province and region is very important to us.