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Why Canada's most accomplished advisors and wealthiest clients choose RBC Dominion Securities

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Independent focus

It's the best of both worlds – you get the support, resources and brand recognition of Canada's leading wealth management firm.

But we never tell you exactly how to run your practice and we never tell you exactly what to sell. So you never have to compromise on doing the right thing for your clients.

We provide one-on-one coaching, customized marketing and business development ideas to help build your practice, whether your focus is holistic wealth management, discretionary management, or fee-based investment advice. You can create individually crafted portfolios or deliver professionally managed solutions. You can recommend solutions unique to RBC – or source third-party solutions.

The possibilities are endless. The choices are yours.

Investment leader

We're honoured to be trusted by more clients with more assets than any other full-service investment firm in Canada. Over 400,000 clients trust our 1,850 advisors with over $330 billion in assets under administration. That means each of our advisors guide, on average, over $100 million in client assets.

It all starts with our industry-leading investment management:

  • Canada's largest fixed-income inventories.
  • The #1 overall Canada equity research (Brendan Woods International survey 2010).
  • Investment strategy that has consistently outperformed the benchmark TSX 15.9% vs. 9.5% since 1984†.
  • Leading edge solutions like the A+ Unified Managed Account and Canada's first full-service U.S. dollar registered plan.
  • Not to mention a commanding industry lead in the high-growth fee-based and discretionary businesses.

† The Strategy Focus List is a list of recommended securities that may form the basis for an investment portfolio strategy. The Strategy Focus List is not a mutual fund. The indicated rate of return is the historical annual compounded total return since Dec. 31, 1984, as of November 30, 2010 but does not reflect applicable taxes, account and transaction fees, which would lower actual returns. The indicated rate of return assumes additions and deletions from the list are priced using previous day closing values. As a result, the beginning and ending prices used in the Strategy Focus list model may differ from those achieved by different investors, and your realized return may vary from our calculations. Past performance may not be repeated.

Wealth Management leader

At RBC Dominion Securities, investment management is just the beginning.

You also have at your disposal the 150+ tax, legal and financial experts on our RBC Wealth Management Services team.

They deliver turnkey solutions to enhance your clients' retirement income, reduce their taxes, protect their estates and create lasting legacies.

They provide one-on-one client consultations on specialized high-net-worth financial planning, Will and estate planning, and wealth protection / enhancement.

They help answer your or your clients' specific questions and author highly regarded articles and guidebooks on timely wealth management subjects.

It's all here to help you build your clients' wealth – and build your wealth business.

Become a Portfolio Manager

It's a truly unique value proposition that will distinguish you from the rest.

You design, implement and manage individual client portfolios – just like you would as a full-service Investment Advisor. Except for one key difference: you make all the day-to-day decisions on a discretionary basis, with the support of RBC's portfolio strategy and risk management teams.

As a Portfolio Manager in our Private Investment Management program, you can be quite literally your clients' very own personal money manager.

RBC brand recognition

Let's say you call a big prospective client to introduce yourself and your firm. How long do you spend explaining exactly who you are, who you work for and why you're calling?

It's as easy as “R-B-C”.

RBC is Canada's most valuable brand. It's a household name. And it's instantly recognizable by almost everyone.

That immediately gives you credibility. Saves you time. Opens doors with prospects. And gives clients exceptional peace of mind.

RBC is Canada's most trusted financial institution – a Canadian tradition since 1874 – recently named “North America's Safest Bank” (Global Finance 2010).

As a fully owned subsidiary of RBC, RBC Dominion Securities benefits from the strength of its parent company.

But it also stands as a Canadian tradition on its own. Since 1901, RBC Dominion Securities has provided professional wealth advice. Today, it is the firm of choice for Canada's wealthiest clients –and Canada's most successful advisors.

Unrivalled support

As an advisor at RBC Dominion Securities, your support team is bigger than most investment firms – but minus the bloated bureaucracy. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • 12 Business Development Professionals to help you create your own marketing materials.
  • 11 Equity Portfolios Advisors and 14 Fixed-Income Portfolio Advisors providing ideas, commentary, and research.
  • 38 Insurance Specialists assisting you and your clients with tax-exempt life insurance solutions, living benefits, segregated funds and annuities products.
  • 10 Accountants and Lawyers assisting with financial planning, estate and tax issues.
  • 18 Financial Planning Analysts preparing client financial plans.
  • 5 Financial Planning Software Experts to assist with state-of-the-art technology.
  • 5 High-Net-Worth Planning Specialists for clients with $20MM or more
  • 8 Managed Product Help Desk Members.
  • 10 Onsite Technology Experts to assist with desktop and maximize efficiencies.
  • 2 Practice Management Consultants to help take your business to the next level.

Make the transition

We have a dedicated Competitive Hire Transition Team to help make your transition easier.

And we do believe that on balance, the long-term benefits to you and your clients will outweigh the short-term effort of making the move.

We also understand that many well-established, high-quality advisors are simply comfortable and feel their current firm is good enough.

But the truth is, we're not looking for “comfortable” advisors who will settle for “good enough”.

We're looking for advisors who want better for themselves and, most importantly, for their clients. Maybe that's you. If so, we'd love to start the conversation.