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  • Family Wealth Management Guide - 10 Strategies to build & protect your family's wealth
  • Business Owners Guide - 10 Key decisions that can make or break your business
  • RBC Dominion Securities Retirement Checklist - Put a checkmark beside "Ready for Retirement"
  • Family Inventory Checklist - Make estate settlement faster
  • Settling an Estate - Reducing the burden
  • Estate Planning Guide - Everything you need to know for a proper estate plan
  • Tax Planning Guide - It's not how much you make - it's how much you keep
  • Tax Reporting Guide - A guide for you and your tax advisor to prepare your tax return 
  • Perspectives Magazine - Investment, tax and lifestyle perspectives

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Recommended Reading

Personal Finance

  • The Millionaire Mind – Thomas J Stanley
  • The Wealthy Barber Returns – David Chilton

Retirement Planning

  • Your Retirement Income Blueprint – Daryl Diamond
  • The Number – Lee Eisenberg

Family Enterprise Advisory

  • The Naked Opus – Chris Delaney


  • CAPITAL – The Story of Long-Term Investment Excellence – Charles D Ellis
  • Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth - Nick Murray
  • One Up On Wall Street – Peter Lynch
  • 45 Years In Wall Street – William D Gann
  • Adaptive Asset Allocation – Butler, Philbrick & Gordillo
  • The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

Business & Leadership

  • Running With The Giants – John C Maxwell
  • The Ideal Team Player – Patrick Lencioni
  • The Power of Your Potential – John C Maxwell
  • The Strangest Secret – Earl Nightingale
  • Enemies of the Heart – Andy Stanley
  • You Have What It Takes – What Every Father Needs To Know – John Eldredge
  • A Message To Garcia – Elbert Hubbard
  • Start With Why – Simon Sinek
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – Bradberry & Greaves
  • Peak – Anders Ericsson & Robert Pool
  • Measure What Matters – John Doerr
  • Turn the Ship Around – L David Marquet
  • The E-Myth Revisited – Michael E Gerber