Upcoming Events

We regularly host and participate in special events and workshops. Attendance is complimentary and open to all, but seating is limited.  If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Jenna Roundell at jenna.roundell@rbc.com or 613-564-4598. Our next event will be in September 2019 - more details to follow as we approach fall.

Previous Events

Building Your Business and Future

With recent changes to federal corporate tax, small business owners and incorporated professionals are facing new retirement planning challenges. At this event, we’ll review these changes and discuss how an Individual Pension Plan (IPP) can help you enjoy a tax-efficient retirement in this new landscape. Topics include:

• What is an IPP?
• Who can qualify for an IPP?
• How might an IPP benefit you now and in the future?

Role of Executor: Pitfalls and Practices

This workshop will help you understand the estate settlement process as well as the duties and responsibilities of an executor. Discover how to select the right executor for your estate. If you are acting as an executor, learn the many responsibilities and liabilities involved.

10 Strategies for Paying Less Tax

Whether you are planning for your upcoming retirement or recently retired, it's always a good idea to explore tax-minimizing opportunities so you can enjoy more of your own money. Join us to learn about: Income splitting, spousal RRSPs and other family tax strategies, creating tax-efficient income from your investments, the value of different investment products and other sophisticated strategies like spousal loans.

Re-defining Retirement: How to Live It Your Way

Discover how to create a fulfilling retirement life that is as unique as you. Learn the six avenues that lead you to authentic life satisfaction, at a stage in life where we may be facing some of the biggest changes. This workshop will give you a new perspective on retirement and the possibilities that await you.

This event will features a presentation by Certified Retirement Coach, Kristine van der Pas–Norenius followed by a Q&A period. Learn more about Kristine or to check out her blog at Next 3rd.

Wills and Power of Attorney Essentials

Strategies for protecting your family and your legacy. Attend our complimentary educational seminar and learn more about the importance of appointing a Power of Attorney and preparing your Will.

Your Retirement Checklist

Join us and learn about the key areas of retirement income planning that all Canadians need to know, including: government benefits - CPP and OAS, employer benefits - clarifying your options, registered accounts - tax-deferred and tax-free savings, estate planning - protecting your loved ones and your legacy.

Role of a Power of Attorney

Establishing a Power of Attorney for Property is a key part of any estate plan, and when reviewed and kept up-to-date, it can help ensure that your original plans for your wealth, assets and personal care are fulfilled as you intended.

Join us and learn the legal responsibilities of acting as a Power of Attorney. Consider how to select your Power of Attorney to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

This workshop looks at financial challenges unique to women as well as solutions and strategies for every stage of life.

Protecting Your Assets

Family Law 101 - What women need to know to protect themselves and their families. Attend our complimentary educational seminar and learn more about: issues on separation, children and divorce, financial issues, importance of a financial plan, domestic contracts, planning for the future.