A Four-Step Process to Building Your Personal Investment Plan

Step One - Learning about you and your needs

The first step is to determine exactly what your goals and objectives are, within the context of your overall financial situation. Richard and his team will look at factors like your lifestyle, time horizon and tolerance for risk.

Step Two - The Investment Policy Statement

We will then evaluate your portfolio and your current situation. With a thorough understanding of both your financial circumstances and profile as an investor.  Richard will be able to establish basic guiding principles for your investment strategy. These are documented in your Investment Policy Statement - the basic blueprint for a plan designed to build and protect your wealth. Richard and his team would be fully accountable to your Investment Policy Statement, which is updated as needed.

Step Three - Building your portfolio

Once you approve your Investment Policy Statement,  Richard will use it as a roadmap to structure your portfolio. With your input, an appropriate mix between bonds, stocks and cash will be determined. Working with our firm's leading investment strategists and equity markets analysts,Richard and his team will then recommend the most appropriate securities for your diversified portfolio.

Step Four - Monitoring, review and reporting

Since economic and market conditions are always changing, it is imperative to always monitor your portfolio. From time to time, Richard will recommend changes in your asset mix or security selection. It is also important to review your portfolio as your personal situation changes. In addition, you will be kept up-to-date about the performance of your portfolio through regular account statements.

The result? A portfolio custom-tailored to meet your investment objectives while recognizing your willingness to accept risk and a process flexible enough to respond to changes in your objectives, but disciplined enough to maximize your financial returns.