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Wealth that works for your vision and values

Through 25 years of building and preserving wealth, some of our most rewarding work has been contributing to the social and economic success of Indigenous communities (First Nation, Inuit, Métis) in British Columbia. This is why, in 2013, Hymers Private Wealth became the first Portfolio Manager group at RBC Dominion Securities to open an on-reserve office.

From this location, we aim to form a lifelong partnership with you and your community and to provide a full spectrum of wealth and investment services that respect your unique cultural and financial aspirations.

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Investing in a better tomorrow, today

We work closely with your Council to develop a unique Investment Policy Statement – a document that outlines your community’s specific growth, risk, and income needs, and preferences, as you define them. While some Portfolio Managers use similar information to find your portfolio of best fit, Rhonda invests towards your goals on a segregated basis. This means we can transparently control for every individual investment in your portfolio, fully exclude companies that do not align with your values, and find savings opportunities through tax-exempt strategies.

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Trusts for immediate needs and future plans

Trusts can be one of the most effective solutions for communities looking to balance the use of income for immediate needs and the preservation of assets for future generations. Our team, in partnership with dedicated trust experts, understand the subtleties and legal requirements for administering and managing trust services for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit clients. And, with your leadership, we’ll help establish conditions on how and when trust holdings can be spent, to ensure both assets and values are passed down from one generation to the next.

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Business banking and financing

Backed by RBC, an organization that has long championed the social and economic success of Indigenous communities across Canada, we work closely with our private and commercial banking partners to provide expertise, cash management, and financing opportunities for your community and its businesses. Learn more about how RBC takes banking beyond barriers.

Socially responsible investing

We recognize the desire to seek financial return as well as social and environmental impact, and can align your portfolio to reflect your particular set of values.


Lifelong support

Service excellence is our cornerstone. In Hymers Private Wealth, you gain a trusted, long-term advocate for your family, and the generations that follow.

Client experience


Money and wealth are personal

Our approach to wealth management incorporates and nurtures security, confidence and trust — values that evolve naturally from our commitment to establish a lifelong relationship with you.


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