Family Wealth Management

Most Canadians don't consider themselves "wealthy" - even when they have a relatively high net worth and own million-dollar investment portfolios. Surveys of Canadian millionaires reveal a modest attitude towards wealth, with most respondents viewing themselves as financially secure, rather than wealthy.

In this guidebook, we highlight 10 strategies that can help you protect your assets, reduce taxes, plan for retirement and maximize your estate. Together with your tax, legal and investment advisors, you can determine which strategy or strategies, make sense for you and your family. 


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The Business Owners Guide to Wealth Management

Whether you're already a business owner, or thinking about becoming one, the decisions you make will have far-reaching implications - not only for your business, but also for yourself and your family. A business consumes a large portion of your resources, time and attention throughout its lifetime and your family's financial security may depend on its success.

This guidebook follows the life cycle of a business and its owner. It explores a range of subjects unique to business owners, from consideration of the best structure for your business to development of a succession plan and your transition from the business into a well-planned and funded retirement.

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