Our clients achieve financial success through integrated solutions that help them enjoy their lives.

Taking Your Financial Success to the Next Level™

Take your financial success to the next level with the Nymeyer-Scrimgeour Group. Together, we will examine your goals and then identify the solutions that will help you experience more deeply the things you want to get out of life.

Dreams don't come pre-packaged, nor does our advice. Our financial plans are specific to each individual and organization, tailor-made to fit your life, your needs and your ethics.

Our goal is to have clients who make financial decisions with confidence because they are backed by advisors who understand that each situation is unique.


Seven Steps to Further Your Success

Taking your Financial Success to the Next Level™

The seven-step process we've developed allows us to create and manage a financial portfolio that will enhance your success through each stage of life.

Step 1: Interview

All good relationships are based on rapport. A successful business relationship is no different. Sharing life stories and discussing goals, beliefs and dreams help build a solid foundation that will allow us to work together in the most rewarding way.

Step 2: Information Gathering

In an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, we can begin to define specific practices and policies that will help us move forward. We go on a sort of fact-finding mission with the goal of determining your vision of the future. We ask questions: What do you hope for in retirement? How can we assist you with tax planning, educational needs and estate planning? We establish your ideal capacity for risk in your investment portfolio. And we determine the return on investment that you will require to meet your objectives and maintain your ideal level of cash flow. In other words, we establish your expectations and evaluate how you can best achieve them.

Step 3: Round Table Meeting

After we've gathered the information we need, we hit the books. We come to a thorough understanding of your needs and of the solutions that suit your unique situation. With that we construct a proposal specific to your goals, and build a strategic calendar around your core needs.

Step 4: Investment Policy Meeting

At this point, we hold an Investment Policy Meeting with you. We state your objectives in concrete terms and establish a process for evaluating and monitoring your portfolio. We give you the results of your risk tolerance evaluations, which we have used to determine your optimum asset mix – the percentages of cash, fixed income securities and equities you will hold in your portfolio. We establish a basis for investment selection and set a schedule for reviewing our decision-making reports.

We present you with the strategic calendar we've developed based on your core needs to accumulate wealth, protect your wealth and transfer your wealth.

Step 5: Partnership Meeting

Once you've had an opportunity to review our proposals, we open your account and go over special service requirements, including your online options. We hope you'll come and meet all the members of the Nymeyer-Scrimgeour Group™. And we'd like to get to know the various people whose paths we'll cross in dealing with you – your lawyer, accountant, other advisors and of course the members of your family.

Step 6: Horizons Meeting

Now it's time to go further and discover how your future can unfold thanks to specialized financial planning. We look at wealth protection strategies, as well as strategies for life insurance and tax planning.

There are so many options available. We give you the guidance to make the moves that are right for you.

Step 7: Partnership Review

While our focus will remain fixed on your portfolio, we realize your objectives may change. Key to taking your financial success to the next level is the continuous monitoring of your situation. Are your objectives still relevant? Have your targets been met? Has there been an important change in your life? We'll review your investments in a timely fashion to ensure they continue to meet with your needs as your life evolves. And, of course, we'll continue to introduce you to the latest and most innovative financial solutions available.