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A Chosen Journey

This year’s A Chosen Journey – RBC Indigenous Partnership Report 2022, celebrates the transfer of Indigenous knowledge and the way it creates solutions, connections and opportunities. We share these stories we have been entrusted with to showcase Indigenous knowledge as a significant resource with transformative, innovative and inspirational properties. Our Chosen Journey is one of learning from each other together, from the past, in the present and for the future.

Banking Beyond Barriers

The Royal Bank of Canada has a long history with Indigenous communities across Canada, championing what it means to truly partner as more than just a bank.

Na Sha, Vice-President Commercial Financial Services, Indigenous Markets leads a team that specializes in providing comprehensive financial services to communities and businesses, offering financing opportunities and strategic expertise in cash management and deposit investments. Tracy’s team finds enduring, transformative ways to support the strength, innovation and resilience of Indigenous communities in three main areas:

  1. Economy

Support the growth and sustainability of Indigenous economies by providing comprehensive financial services to community members, governments, organizations and businesses.

  1. People

Expand access to employment and education opportunities for Indigenous people by providing scholarships, career development and mentorship programs.

  1. Community

Promote the prosperity and well-being of Indigenous communities by investing in initiatives, supporting language, culture, youth and elders, health and the environment.

Indigenous Wealth services – RBC Wealth Management

More than just a trust company, Royal Trust is honoured to serve Indigenous communities across Canada. Supported by RBC's in-house legal, tax, banking and investment teams, Royal Trust partners and collaborates visibly.

Based on understanding the needs of each unique community, Royal Trust provides varying degrees of engagement, including and not limited to:

  • Fiduciary Services - Trustee and Co-Trustee, Administrative Trustee
  • Investment Policy Development and Oversight
  • Education and Training
  • Access to the full suite of RBC Partnering resources

A lifelong learner, Noelle Bellomi currently manages several Minor’s and Legacy Trusts. With a deep commitment to listening with heart and learning from the experts at Royal Trust, Noelle Bellomi works within the context of each unique community, exploring together the advantages and disadvantages of different types of account structures when it comes to intergenerational thinking.

RBC Private Banking

A comprehensive approach

The RBC Private Banking model provides clients with a private banker who is backed by a manager of credit structures and a support team consisting of an advisor and associates. Each member of a client’s team understands their complete financial picture and works with them to help achieve their goals.

As your primary point of contact, your private banker will draw upon the extended support of a diverse group of RBC professionals, including the specialized services of an investment advisor or a planning specialist.