Wealth management goes beyond investment advice and money management to address a wide range of concerns related to both your financial and life goals.  Whether you're looking for personal wealth management for yourself, your family or your business, Our team has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Find out more about how our innovative investment, financial, tax, insurance, and Wills & Estate planning can help you enjoy your success today as you build and preserve your wealth.

Who We Can Help

Our services are designed for individuals, families, businesses and other organizations that require professional assistance managing their wealth.

  • Executives looking to enhance the growth of their wealth
  • Professionals requiring assistance with their personal assets and a trusted partner with shared client
  • Business owners who need help managing their personal and business assets
  • Pre-retirees who want to make the most of retirement savings as they approach retirement
  • Retirees requiring innovative strategies to maximize their after-tax retirement income, while protecting their financial security
  • Well-established families seeking professional guidance transferring wealth to the next generation in a tax-efficient manner

Contact us today to arrange a complimentary consultation our team of experienced wealth management professionals will be happy to discuss your unique needs.

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Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation. Please call Noël Philippot, Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor, at

(604) 257-7693

1281 56 Street, Delta BC, V4L 2A6

Main branch: 450 SW Marine Drive, 16th Floor, Vancouver BC, V5X 0C3

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