Home Hardware’s Bike up Northumberland



Home Hardware's Bike Up Northumberland is a charity ride in support of our hospitals in Northumberland County. This is a joint-event benefiting Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation and Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation. Funds raised are equally distributed to both Foundations to support the purchase of priority medical equipment. This spirit of collaboration between the Foundations is a first of its kind for their organizations as they work together to advance their mission, which is to raise funds to purchase priority medical equipment for their hospitals.


100 Guys Giver 110% Northumberland

A great cause supporting local Northumberland charities. Once a quarter we meet as a group, with each member contributing $50 by cheque or email transfer. Before each meeting, every member may nominate a local, registered charity for consideration.

The nominating members of three randomly selected charities will briefly speak as to why it is meaningful to them, along with a short presentation from a member of the Charity.

The charity with the most votes is the recipient charity of the group donation. Members who did not vote for the selected organization agree to make their donation regardless.

We surprise the local charity with our group donation a week or two after our event. Members then receive a tax receipt directly from the charity.


Financial Literacy

We are passionate about financial literacy and we volunteer our time to empower young and growing minds in the community.

RBC Dominion Securities’ Financial literacy Program focuses on financial literacy and challenges students to reflect on their personal goals and highlights the advantages of remaining in school for long-term success. This partnership allows Neil the chance to connect and provide enhanced financial literacy and job skills to an engaged group of young minds. Ask me today about the program.