At the heart of Nancy’s wealth management services, is a disciplined and personal investment approach.

Before recommending any specific investments, Nancy will sit down with you to listen and learn about your personal and financial goals. She will also help you clarify key investment factors including your:

  • Investment timeframe

  • Return expectations

  • Comfort level with risk

  • Current and future cash flow needs

  • Tax situation and

  • Any other unique needs and circumstances

From there, she will combine her understanding of your personal story with a disciplined investment strategy to help you achieve the goals you want to achieve.

A Disciplined investment process

While it’s common to become emotionally invested in your portfolio, it is actually one of biggest culprits to throwing your long-term gains off track. Letting your risk tolerance fluctuate with the markets can reinforce a cycle of buying high and selling low.

A vicious cycle

Instead, Nancy will create a personalized plan based on clear objectives and quality holdings. Within your plan, will be disciplined strategies and clear buy and sell guidelines that help your investments stay on track, minimize risk, lock-in gains when appropriate and minimize taxes.


An investment style to fit every need

Nancy offers traditional collaborative advisory services as well as discretionary investment management services.

Discretionary account programs

Manage your accounts on a big-picture level while entrusting a professional portfolio manager with the day-to-day administration of your account.

Benefits of discretionary investment management:

  • Delegate your daily investment decisions with financial confidence and peace of mind knowing our team is fully backed by the professional support and resources of RBC Dominion Securities, Canada’s leading wealth management provider.

  • Streamline your personal and professional investment management needs with one customized plan that is tailored to the specific management guidelines and goals of your estate, trust, foundation, incorporated business or not-for-profit organization.

  • Agile and flexible portfolio and a dedicated investment management team that is able to make timely decisions in response to market conditions, economic outlook and rate fluctuations – all while working within your investment objectives and risk tolerance

  • Simplified investment management fees with a single, all-inclusive and potentially tax-deductible fee

  • Ongoing reviews and reporting to keep you informed through secure access to our private client eStatements and DS Online service as well as monthly, quarterly, and annually scheduled statements that detail your rate-of-return and benchmarks against indices

Collaborative account programs

Traditional commissioned-based accounts allow you dictate the level of involvement you would like in investment decisions, and benefit from having a professional advisory group to provide guidance based on your best interests.

Benefits of a collaborative account:

  • Custom-tailored portfolio and investment strategies documented in a personal Investment Policy Statement

  • A professional sounding board for investment ideas and strategies