I have been following the stock market since I was 9 years old. I started then because this was when my mother became a “stock broker”, as they were called in those days.

Since then, I have seen many momentous events. The Oil Crisis, high inflation in the early 80’s, 20% interest rates, the Black Monday market crash in 1987, The dot-com tech bubble, Y2K, the 2008 Financial Crisis and, most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic. It is from my experiencing these important events that have helped me become a better Investment Advisor. I am not the “stock broker” of old; I give not only securities advice, but help to guide you with anything financially related. Sometimes, even more than that.

I have been the sounding board for not only individuals, but their families and, in many cases, multiple generations. I can help you with not only the typical investment advice, but insurance, wills and estates and financial planning. I have helped people figure out the financing for their homes, cars and children’s education. If I can’t help you specifically, I can refer you to someone, likely in RBC. Sometimes people just need an outside honest opinion. If you just want to talk about something like a career change, I’m here for you.

Someone once asked me what I like about my job. My answer is to help people reach their financial goals and dreams. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see a person achieve their life’s dreams, be it retirement, a car purchase, or learning a life skill. It’s wonderful to be able to say to a person, “go ahead and retire if you want, you can afford to.”

If you think that I am the one to help you reach your goals and be there for your future, then feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to give you a second opinion, or a first one to help you figure out if and when you can get to your goals. Many people have sought out my advice through the Globe and Mail as an advice columnist.

Everyone deserves good and honest advice. I can give it to you.

You can contact me with any of your questions @ nancy.woods@rbc.com





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Nancy Woods is accepting new clients.  So if you like the straightforward advice she has to offer as a columnist for the GlobeandMail.com, you'll love the personalized financial guidance and wealth management she'll give you as a client.

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Nancy Woods has been giving sound, conservative investment advice for over 20 years. As a regular columnist for The GlobeandMail.com, people from all over the world write her to get a piece of that knowledge and experience. Her out-of-the-box way of thinking has led to many years of successful investment management and satisfied clients.

If you are looking for a second opinion to see if your money is working the best way it can for you from an advisor that is looking out for your best interest, then simply contact Nancy Woods by either telephone or email. 1-800-361-7459 or nancy.woods@rbc.com.