Kooy Wealth Management Total Compass

What does your financial future look like? And how will you get there?

When you consider where you and your family might be heading, you want to have a strategy in place to get you there safely. Here at Kooy Wealth Management we’ve developed a unique process that lays out clearly the steps we need to get right so you can look forward with confidence. We call it the Total Compass. In a world of change and distraction, it delivers structure, reliability and direction.

DISCOVER where you want to go

Family? Security? Travel? What’s most important to you? Clarifying your values and goals requires time and thought. We spend the time getting to know you and your family so you know what to prioritize and feel confident about what counts as success. 

CHART your course

What opportunities lie ahead? Any dangers or threats? It’s not enough to imagine the future. We map out a base case in writing with targets tied to your unique goals and circumstances, then test a number of scenarios. The result is a dynamic plan of your financial future that you can be confident in.

INVEST for long-term, stable results

You want an investment strategy that will capture market opportunities while minimizing risk. With your specific financial needs in mind, we build a portfolio that is diversified and professionally managed, so you stay on the right side of different market conditions.

PROTECT your wealth

Paying taxes, giving to charities, inheriting? You’d like to start planning today to keep wealth in the family or benefit the community. We work with you to put in place a protection strategy that minimizes taxes and makes sure your estate plan delivers on your wishes.

TRACK your progress

Your life’s always changing, so you can’t set your financial future on autopilot. We establish long-term relationships and are big fans of regular communication. We make adjustments to your plan and your investments as your circumstances change, so you know you’re in good shape, whatever the weather.

Download the pdf here.