Plan for tomorrow, today

When most people hear the term estate planning, they typically think of their Will. While a valid Will is a fundamental component of any estate plan, several other items should be considered in order to have a complete plan. These include:

  • Ensuring all adult family members have a valid and up to date Power of Attorney (Mandate in Quebec)
  • Evaluating your insurance coverage (do you have sufficient coverage?)
  • Reviewing ownership structures (which assets will pass through your estate or outside your estate?)
  • Updating beneficiary designations on registered plans and insurance policies
  • Planning for taxes at death
  • Evaluating advanced estate planning opportunities (the use of trusts)
  • Considering charitable giving
  • Making pre-planned funeral arrangements

Given the wide range of objectives you may wish to achieve, proper estate planning requires careful consideration of many factors. Often, in an effort to minimize income taxes or avoid probate taxes, another objective is thwarted. For this reason, it is important to weigh and balance courses of action. Ultimately, the issues addressed in the Will are a reflection of all elements of the estate plan.

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