Independent analysis of your investment portfolio

Working with Canada's leading wealth management provider, Mary has access to considerable resources and investment research. She will apply her analytical skills to select the most appropriate investments for your needs and goals.

Personally managing your portfolio to meet your needs

Mary follows a highly disciplined investment process that focuses on capital preservation and long-term growth. She will monitor your portfolio and as necessary, adjust your investments. Mary will review your portfolio with you on a regular basis and will provide progress reports and recommendations as needs arise.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

As your personal Portfolio Manager, Mary is a part of a select group of highly qualified advisors who have the experience, credentials and assets under administration required to offer discretionary services.

RBC Dominion Securities offers Private Investment Management to clients who prefer to delegate day-to-day investment decisions to a professional Portfolio Manager. Discretionary investment management allows Mary to take advantage of investment opportunities in a timely manner when they become available.

While some sophisticated investors manage their own investments, the responsibilities of career, family and community may not allow the same time and dedication that Mary provides to your portfolio. On a continual basis, Mary researches and analyzes markets and stocks in order to manage your portfolio risk. She has access to research, planning tools and technology necessary to identify suitable investment opportunities that meet your long-term objectives.

The discretionary management approach provides completely customized portfolio design and management within specific guidelines established and regularly monitored by Mary and an independent third party.

The Investment Policy Statement Your Financial Portfolio Management Roadmap

Development of a customized Investment Policy Statement is essential to clarifying your current financial situation. This important process involves determining your future goals and outlining the strategies that Mary will take to help you achieve those goals.

When constructing a customized Investment policy Statement, Mary will take the time to:

  • Conduct an in-depth interview with you to thoroughly understand your investment goals and objectives.
  • Select an asset mix and individual securities to fit your plan based on Marys investment philosophy.
  • Design your personalized Investment Policy Statement to meet your needs within your specific risk tolerance and time horizon.
  • Monitor the performance of your portfolio on a regular basis.
  • Manage investment risk by trading and rebalancing your investments to adjust for market conditions, changing company fundamentals and your evolving life style and financial situation.