Who We Help

What kind of investor are you?

Because we all take different approaches to our wealth some more conservative, some more comfortable with market risk, some with a longer or shorter time to invest than others Mary tailors each portfolio to your individual needs.

If you want to step away from your investments.

After working to earn your wealth, you may prefer to delegate portfolio management to a trusted professional. Mary specializes in discretionary portfolio management, through which she makes active day-to-day portfolio decisions based on your specific investment parameters. This level of active discretionary management is ideal for clients who are busy, away for long periods of time, or not always available to take advantage of opportunities in a timely fashion.

If you like to be involved in your wealth management.

You may also wish to take a more hands on approach, and to approve every trade and sell order. If this is your preferred style, Mary can work collaboratively with you to manage your investments.

If you own a business.

Running a business consumes a large portion of your resources, time and attention throughout its lifetime, and your familys financial security may depend on its success. Mary can take into account the investment, income and succession planning needs of your business, and can assist as you plan to sell or transfer it into new hands.

If you are trying to maximize retirement income.

If you are retired, or planning to retire, limiting tax on your existing income is a key concern. Mary can implement tax-effective strategies to maximize and preserve your current wealth.

If you need to plan ahead for your family.

You may be ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour, and also to ensure that it will be passed on to your family or chosen charities as efficiently and quickly as possible. Working with her team specialist in Wills and Estates, Mary can tailor an estate plan that takes your family's future needs into account, and protects your wealth until it is placed into the right hands.

Personalized Solutions

Discovering and clarifying your needs

Mary has built her successful investment advisory practice through mutual trust and clear, open communication. The planning process begins with a dialogue to identify current financial opportunities and challenges and to establish priorities in keeping with your lifestyle and time horizon. Appropriate consideration will be given to your personal goals pertaining to family, career and legacy.

Creating your Wealth Management Plan

Your investment strategy will be developed by designing an asset allocation blueprint. Setting the asset mix is the first and most critical decision when constructing an investment portfolio. Your investment objectives, risk tolerance, income needs, tax situation and time horizon are criteria that will be considered to determine which investment management solution would best serve your specific needs.

Mary Loforte

Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor


Dedicated, knowledgeable and skillful communicator

We are very pleased to recommend Mary on a professional basis in the highest terms. She is dedicated to her clients, and has superb analytical and communication skills. Her personal detailed analysis of our portfolio in managing our holdings and her knowledge of sectors and market conditions are something we appreciate at all times. These skills and her dedication are in marked contrast to those of other investment advisors we have encountered elsewhere in the past. Thank you Mary!

-Rob and Mary-Louise

Astute Management

"I had known Mary for a few years before establishing my investment portfolio, so I was already aware of her exceptional interpersonal skills, her intellect and her compassionate nature. But I'd also heard from others that she was truly gifted when it came to investing. So, when I was ready to hire an advisor in the fall of 2008, Mary's credentials seemed to stand out in a very competitive field. Mary took charge of my portfolio during the worst international banking/ investment crisis that I can remember. It took a very special type of skill, patience and courage on her part, but she successfully navigated through all of it, protecting and nurturing my account like a grizzled ship's captain in a perfect storm. My portfolio continues to grow, and I am most grateful to Mary for all that she's done. I would endorse Mary and highly recommend that she be considered by anyone seeking a first-rate portfolio manager."


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