Discover the freedom to live the life you want 

RBC Dominion Securities Private Investment Management offers a premium level of discretionary wealth management designed to free you from the day-to-day details of managing your wealth. 
Available exclusively for portfolios exceeding $250,000, Private Investment Management gives you the confidence to pursue your goals, knowing your wealth will be managed according to the highest standards. 

Key Benefits of Private Investment Management:
Discretionary Portfolio Management through a Personal Portfolio Manager. Private Investment Management is a unique discretionary managed account where you delegate responsibility for day-to-day investment decisions to a personal Portfolio Manager. 

With Private Investment Management, you get a completely customized portfolio designed by your Portfolio Manager. Your portfolio is built from the ground up based on factors such as growth requirements, income needs and risk tolerance. Because your approval is not required for every single transaction, your Portfolio Manager is able to take advantage of investment opportunities quickly and efficiently. He or she must also work within specific guidelines established in advance and is accountable to these guidelines, which are regularly reviewed and adjusted according to your needs. 

The Highest Credentials at Your Service 

Only a select group of our Investment Advisors can offer you portfolio management services through Private Investment Management. 

Portfolio Managers must possess advanced investment credentials, extensive experience advising clients and substantial assets under administration. 

Direct Access to Your Portfolio Manager 

Unlike most money management programs where you never meet your Portfolio Manager, Private Investment Management offers you the unique opportunity to sit down with your Portfolio Manager and discuss your needs one-on-one. 

Because you have a personal relationship with your Portfolio Manager, your portfolio can more accurately reflect your individual goals and objectives on an ongoing basis. 

Our Meticulous Six-Step Process: 

To ensure that we always act in your best interests, your Portfolio Manager follows a meticulous six-step process.
This process balances your desire for freedom with your expectation for excellence: 
  • Creating your investment policy statement
  • Building your portfolio
  • Managing your portfolio
  • Third-party review and monitoring
  • Adjusting your investment strategy
  • Keeping you informed of your progress 

Private Investment Management could be ideal if you: 

Desire superior, personalized service and direct access to a professional Portfolio Manager Want freedom from making daily investment decisions Seek a disciplined approach to professional wealth management 
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