Wealth Management for U.S. Citizens in Canada, Snowbirds, Incorporated Professionals and Retirees.
If you are looking to simplify your financial affairs, reduce your tax filing costs, rid your portfolio of complexity and structure your investments efficiently - you have come to the right place.  Whether you are just beginning to uncover the complexities of Tax and Wealth Management, or have been at this for a long time - there are likely areas that can be improved upon.  For a consultation and introductory meeting with our team, please contact Cynthia Kaufmann at 403-317-4306
We welcome you to investigate our approach where professional Wealth Management is built upon values like clarity, transparency and trust.
We are currently welcoming new clients - The families that work with us, typically have been seeking a higher level of service.  Mark's clients typically have complex tax situations with a possible need for cross-border planning.  Those families who benefit the most from this level of service are high income earners, or those with a net-worth of over one million dollars.



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