Bring on the learning revolution!

Oct 04, 2019 | Mark Porretta


While in the office this week, I started thinking about this video I had watched a number of years ago that discusses a serious educational epidemic that we are facing in society. I wanted to watch the video back and see if the issues raised were solved or are still hold true today. In the video, Sir Ken Robinson speaks on why the education system is broken and essentially follows an industrial or fast food model rather than an agricultural model. He speaks to this concept that people are predisposed to the flaws of our current education system: linearity, conformity and batching. As he mentions in the video, "life is not linear, it's organic". Almost 10 years has passed since this video was released but a lot of the same issues are still present in society today. Whether we like it or not, we still have this one size fit all model in our current education system. We denote success as doing well in: elementary school, high school, continuing to university and potentially finishing with a masters program. But that thinking is very archaic in today's society. Some people are built to go to university, others college and other people continue along entrepreneurship path or workforce. Many strides have been taken to stop putting square pegs into a round hole but we still operate under this industrial model. I believe that if further strides are taken to provide a more pointed and patient education system that aligns with peoples goals and desires, we will see far more "successful" people flourish under it. 

Please click here to watch the entire video.