Is your insurance covering enough?

Sep 06, 2019 | Mark Porretta


While home and auto insurance are staples for most people, many tend to forget about liability insurance, and, specifically, a personal liability umbrella policy. Due to the accessibility of information now, there is more risk than ever before for high net worth individuals and their personal wealth. The fact of the matter is that most high net worth individuals accumulate more valuables and, in doing so, have greater exposure to risk. Personal liability insurance is relatively cheap and as mentioned in the article, "...coverage is not relative to’s relative to exposure to situations that could create liability." This is where major insurance companies fall short. In many circumstances you get coverage on your home and auto but it is very limited in terms of what it will cover beyond the basics. As your wealth management team, we must look at everything in your life: your investments, your loved ones, your home and any other exposures that you may have and ensure that you have adequately protected yourself. RBC now offers its own Private Insurance platform for high net worth individuals. The process starts with a comprehensive analysis of your coverage, identifying your key exposures and then providing you with an insurance proposal that is tailored to your specific needs. RBC Private Insurance differs from other insurance companies because they provide you coverage that is completely customizable to you and your family’s needs. 

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