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Ranked #1 by our advisors, year after year

The stats speak for themselves. RBC Dominion Securities leads the industry in advisor satisfaction, support, and firm stability – for the 16th consecutive year.


Investment Advisors ranked RBC Dominion Securities the highest overall (9/10) among all Canadian wealth management firms in the 2022 Investment Executive Brokerage Report Card, the industry’s annual survey of advisors’ satisfaction with their firms.

In total, RBC Dominion Securities led in 17/30 categories for which a rating was calculated among bank-owned wealth management firms.

The survey results reflect how an excellent advisor experience leads to an excellent client experience, with RBC Dominion Securities’ top marks in freedom to make objective product choices and quality of product offering. As well, it highlighted support for developing a financial plan for clients and reputation with clients and prospects.

How Investment Advisors rated their firms

Chart shows RBC DS received higher marks than other bank-owned wealth management firms in the following areas: Reputation with clients and prospects (9.7) Receptiveness to advisor feedback (8.8) Quality of product offering (9.8) Freedom to make objective product choices (9.9) Support for discretionary portfolio management (9.2) Product & support for high-net-worth clients (9.6) Support for developing a financial plan for clients (9.7) Support for tax planning (8.9) Technology tools & advisor desktop (8.9) Support for fee-based models (9.4) Quality of product offering (9.8) Compensation (9.2) Overall (9.0)

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Incomparable investment in technology

As the industry leader, RBC Dominion Securities has the size and scale to continually reinvest in the business to support future growth. Our digital applications will transform the way we do business and ensure we remain relevant to clients now and in the future.


Each year, we put more than $60 million in our technology platforms, with a focus on improving advisor efficiency, enhancing client experience, and meeting regulatory requirements.

As we continue to transform client accounts to better manage and share data, our systems are becoming more integrated and efficient, resulting in more time for you to serve clients and grow your business.

In a rapidly evolving regulatory environment, we leverage technology to enable us to meet our obligations in an efficient manner. Whether we’re delivering client materials through our secure DS Online platform or enhancing our client reporting, we continue to innovate to ensure clients receive timely account information.

Award-winning mobile app

Advisor’s Virtual Assistant (AVA) provides advisors with on-the-go access. With AVA, you can quickly find clients/households, instantly connect with clients via email and phone, and easily review a client’s portfolio of accounts details. Client bios, notes, tasks, and client emails are all at your fingertips. You can also dictate notes straight into the client record and review and approve electronic KYCs on the fly.

Wealth projection

A real-time projection tool that provides a holistic view of a client’s financial picture, myGPS™ is designed to meet the changing wealth management needs of clients by providing an overview of client goals, priorities, and solutions.

Social media

RBC Social for Business is RBC Dominion Securities’ social media supervision and digital marketing tool. The application includes a content library of pre-approved marketing materials, which advisors can share with their clients using LinkedIn and Facebook.

One trade platform

RBC has one easy-to-understand trade platform that is mobile enabled.

Online client access

DS Online is our secure, private website that gives clients convenient 24-hour access to account information, research, tools, and eDocuments from any computer with secure internet access. Clients can keep track of the progress they are making toward achieving their financial goals at their convenience.


Commitment to ongoing investment

$60MM Annual Technology Investment

Broad range of technology solutions you expect, including:

  • Customer relationship management and planning
  • Trading and research
  • Reporting
  • Practice management
  • Mobility
  • Client communication

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An integrated approach to wealth planning with myGPSTM

myGPSTM stands for “Goals, Priorities, Solutions,” and the purpose of the tool is to provide individuals with personalized direction in their wealth planning.


myGPSTM enables our advisors to identify an individual’s goals, and helps them manage life-changing events and milestones via a detailed and customizable client projection – which can be displayed on a tablet or screen in real time.

Building the client-advisor relationship

With growing trends in online services within the financial industry, myGPSTM provides a value-added option by offering a complementary channel for building the human relationships that are fundamental in successful wealth planning. myGPSTM simplifies the process of information collection and storage, and then takes it one step further in using that information to generate potential opportunities and planning considerations that become important discussion points between the client and advisor. It’s here where the integrated approach of myGPSTM truly shines. The design of the tool gives our advisors a very clear, accurate, and up-to-date snapshot of the individual’s situation, which in turn better enables them to bring expertise to the table with precise solutions and assistance in navigating the path toward achieving long-term goals.

Providing relevance for a wide user base

One of the key objectives of myGPSTM is to provide a simplified and effective wealth-planning projection for individuals across multiple stages of life. Serving everyone from young adults who are taking on more financial responsibility to those nearing or into their retirement years, myGPSTM has capabilities built with everyone’s goals and needs in mind. Another feature of myGPSTM is planning functionality and solutions for business owners. In fact, one of the key questions in generating a personalized report addresses business survival in a major change or crisis and overall business succession planning.

myGPSTM is an interactive tool that can help your clients visualize the wealth planning process. Demonstrating how change impacts future financial situations in real time on a tablet or screen enhances your conversations and helps ensure your clients’ wealth goals become a reality.

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Fostering an inclusive environment

At RBC, we believe building your business should help you grow more than personal wealth. It should fulfill you in ways that satisfy your ambitions, allow you to make an impact and give you the opportunity to find meaningful balance in all aspects of your life.


That’s why we’ve implemented and continue to support a number of initiatives to attract the industry’s most talented women advisors to our firm, and leave a legacy for more than just their clients.

The Women’s Advisory Board (WAB), established in 2009, is a forum for women advisors across Wealth Management Canada that is committed to diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, and helping women empower each other to achieve their professional goals.

Through the IA leave program, a first in the Canadian investment industry, advisors can take time away from their business with the peace of mind that their book of clients will be managed by a colleague in their absence. The freedom to focus on what matters most is ingrained in everything we do at RBC.

We also believe strongly in personal growth and nurturing curiosity. Through the RBC Wealth Management mentorship program, you have the opportunity to learn from senior peers on how to navigate your careers, build your business, and share your experiences with advisors who are new to the industry.

Every other year, the WAB organizes a Women’s Symposium which is a networking opportunity for women advisors and teams and a forum for sharing ideas and best practices to help teams take their businesses to the next level.

We also look for opportunities to help women in our communities grow. Together with the Women’s Brain Initiative (WBHI), RBC Wealth Management Canada created the Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise client event series to raise awareness of the brain aging diseases affecting women and the importance of having a financial plan for the future. Over 500 women have participated since 2016, helping to shed light on this issue, and allowing our advisors to offer an unmatched experience to their female clients.

Through all of these initiatives and more, we believe that fostering a collaborative, value-based culture of inclusivity and integrity means we can meet new challenges together, help create a purposeful and prosperous future for our communities and grow more than wealth for our clients.

And while your role with RBC Dominion Securities will be to preserve the legacies of your clients for generations to come, the opportunity is here to establish your own.

“The best part of the IA leave program is that it gave me the flexibility to look after my family with the peace of mind that my clients were being well taken care of.”

-Macy Fine, Wealth Advisor

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Your business, backed by the best of RBC

When you choose RBC, you’re choosing to benefit from the financial stability and strength of a truly global institution, ranked ninth largest in the world based on market capitalization and fifth largest in North America. Beyond the assurance we can offer of having one of the highest quality balance sheets, we are committed to creating an advisor experience that will enable you to serve your clients and continue to grow your business.


A world of expertise

Canada's Most Valuable Brand

"Brand Finance, 2022

Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among the Big Five Retail Banks

JD Power's 2021 Canada Retail Banking Satisfaction Study

North American Retail Bank of the Year

Retail Banker International magazine, 2021

Best Innovative Client Solution

Family Wealth Report Awards, 2021

Best Workplaces in Canada

Great Place to WorkTM Institute Canada and The Globe and Mail

As a distinct business within RBC, we’re supported by the high reputation of the RBC and RBC Wealth Management brands, while maintaining an independent focus.

We’re committed to providing our advisors with a boutique firm feel that allows them to grow professionally and find personal balance. As an investment advisor with us, you have access to our experts in investment and portfolio management, wealth planning, trusts, Wills and estate, business owner planning, banking, and insurance.

Our advisor teams are given the support they need to realize their business goals, and offer an unmatched experience to their clients that grows more than wealth.

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Marketing and business development consultation

Our marketing and business development teams are available to help your build your brand and grow your business. Providing one-on-one consultation and a suite of pre-built and customizable collateral, working with these teams can help you take your business to the next level.


Building your business

Our business development team will work with you to discuss strategies and best practices, and help generate ideas and opportunities for you to reach out to your clients, prospects, and centres of influence (or COIs, such as accountants and lawyers). They can help you plan initiatives to increase sales and revenue, build strategies to incorporate wealth management into your practice, and share relationship management strategies to help you maintain an efficient and best-in-class business.

Building your brand

Marketing, at its core, is informing, creating, updating, and communicating solutions that satisfy your clients’ (and prospective clients’) greatest pain points, wants, and needs. Our marketing team will work with you to develop customizable print and online campaigns to help you stay connected to your clients and ensure you have a strong online presence.

The internet, social media, and smartphones have changed the way customers research, interact with, purchase, and review products. As advisor teams increase their use of social media and websites, we can make sure you’re protecting yourself online and provide you with content that you can instantly share with clients, partners, COIs, and prospects via your website, on social media, or through email.

If you’re an advisor who wants to grow your book of business, having a strong online presence in today’s economy is as necessary as having a business card. Not only is it a great way to introduce yourself to prospects, it’s also a valuable tool for staying connected with clients, COIs, and partners, and it provides a recurring opportunity to help increase your share of wallet.

In today’s world, a strong online presence is a competitive advantage. And we’re here to ensure you can maximize your website and social media profiles to help you stay connected with your network and grow your business.

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Making a difference in our community

A leading corporate citizen that helps clients thrive and communities prosper.


Our corporate citizenship strategy puts communities at the centre of what we do. In 2021, through the RBC Foundation, RBC Dominion Securities provided $3.8 million in donations to over 700 charitable organizations in communities where we have a business presence.

RBC employees and retirees did their share through the organization’s first-ever global Employee Giving Campaign in 2021. Together, they acted as agents of social change, raising nearly $22 million for 9,500+ charities.

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Investing in Canadian youth

We’re bringing young people together with community leaders, and partners across the private and public sectors, to help them prepare for the future of work. That commitment began in 2017 with RBC Future Launch, and the investment of $500 million over 10 years.

Financial Literacy

In the coming years and decades, it’s estimated that approximately $400 billion will be passed down to inheritors in Canada. With this in mind, we are strengthening our focus on younger generations. The Wealth Management Financial Literacy program, designed for individuals 16 years of age and older, will allow advisor teams to educate their clients, families, and communities.

National Community Initiatives

RBC Dominion Securities branches across the country support our national community partners through their volunteer efforts. Last year, we supported Dress for Success, Canada Food Banks, Canadian Mental Health Association (chapters all across Canada), Women’s Brain Health Initiative, Calgary Seniors' Resource Society, Ducks Unlimited, and Tree Canada. This is in addition to the many community organizations that our advisors support through their own personal giving.

We believe that creating positive social impact is absolutely integral to everything we do. It is fundamental to our philosophy and at the very heart of our approach to corporate giving.


RBC Race for the Kids
RBC Future Launch
Financial Literacy Education
Youth Mental Well-being Project


Emerging Artists Project


Canadian Olympic Committee
RBC Olympians
Team RBC (golf)
RBC Canadian Open

Grant Programs

Team RBC Grant
RBC Employee Volunteer Grant
RBC Global Citizen Award

Branch Engagement

Habitat for Humanity Builds
Local Food Banks
Volunteer/Donation Events
International Women’s Day
Engagement Events

rbc building

High-net-worth distribution – Scale, capabilities and innovation


By granting our advisors and their teams industry-leading capabilities, we enable them to offer the topmost service to their clients. In so doing, we set them up for high client retention, which in turn leads to accomplished professionals wanting to work at RBC and to stay here. From there, we grow market share and scale.

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Delivering an unmatched wealth management experience

Our Wealth Management Services (WMS) team of more than 200 designated professionals works with advisors to provide integrated solutions and expertise to your high-net-worth clients.


Your clients’ needs are ever-changing and multifaceted. Meeting them is easy when you have the industry-leading RBC Wealth Management Services team committed to servicing your clients to the same standard that you do.

Be it an accounting query or a legal matter, your partners are at the ready. Strategically located right in your office or a nearby town, your specialists will help you exceed client expectations of what an advisory firm can do. No matter where you are, expertise is always a quick call or click away.

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Expertise is offered in the areas of:


Financial planning

Specialists develop comprehensive financial plans that include projections to determine if clients are on track to meeting their goals (includes tax, retirement, estate, and risk management strategies). They also assist clients in taking a financial planning approach related to every financial decision that impacts their lives.

Estate and trust planning

Experts help clients determine which estate and trust solutions may be appropriate for them based on their family situation and objectives. They identify tax-efficient strategies for wealth transfer to chosen beneficiaries and assist clients with wealth transfer needs by educating future inheritors and the next generation.

Retirement planning

Specialists can help with registered retirement plans, locked-in plans, defined benefit and defined contribution pensions, individual pension plans, and retirement compensation arrangements.

Business ownership planning

Leverage the knowledge and expertise of our business owner strategists to assist business owner clients with their specialized financial needs, preparing for business succession and transition, risk management, and safeguarding wealth.

Tax planning

Tax consultants work with advisors to develop tax-efficient investment strategies to help manage risk, deduct interest, and address tax preparation. They also work with advisors and clients to identify potential solutions for non-residents, executives, holding companies, and corporation issues.

Charitable giving

Experts help clients determine which charitable giving strategies are most for them suitable based on their objectives. They can also assist clients and their families in implementing a charitable foundation to maximize tax benefits and leave a lasting legacy.


Help your clients analyze their insurance needs to ensure they provide for loved ones in the event of disability or death, and deliver creative insurance strategies to increase retirement income and create a lasting legacy.


Building teams of the future

As our business becomes more complex, we’re committed to providing our investment advisors and branch teams the support they need to further each business’s success. With customized training for advisors and branch employees, we offer one-on-one technology and application training, group mobile training sessions, and in-class programs.


IA training

The investment industry is constantly evolving with new products, strategies, and regulations to learn. Once you have built a foundation for your business, there are additional training programs that will help you develop new business strategies and plans. Some in-class programs include Executing Wealth Management and Enhancing the High-net-worth Client Experience. Online learning, mobile classroom courses, and conference calls and webcasts are also provided to ensure you can provide an unmatched experience to your clients as their expectations continue to evolve.

Supporting the next generation of advisors

The President’s Club New Investment Advisor Training Program has a more than 70-year history of helping teach and coach new investment advisors in the first five years of starting their business. The program uses a combination of online, in-class, and self-study to help participants develop the skills and knowledge required for a successful and rewarding career as an investment advisor.

Committed to continuing education and training for branch support staff

We want our teams to anticipate our clients’ needs and continually improve to help our investment advisors grow their businesses. Our branch employees receive development opportunities to further their careers, and have access to a comprehensive range of courses and programs. Courses include New Assistant/Associate training, as well as Wealth Management, Investments and Client relationship/Sales training.