Our Approach

Lyndon Fournier and his team are a group of seasoned investment advisory professionals, operating within RBC Wealth Management.

Our work is not confined to portfolio creation, portfolio performance and investment management.

"Our team uses a comprehensive approach to wealth creation."

In addition to the above, our approach encompasses financial, investment, tax, insurance, retirement, will and estate planning, legacy creation and inter-generational wealth transfer.

All are connected and a total wealth strategy cannot afford to ignore them.

"We believe in cultivating strong and lasting client relationships based on trust, warmth, common values, and mutual respect."

Our Mission Statement

To help you meet your various goals, we take a comprehensive approach that extends beyond investing to encompass lifestyle protection, retirement planning, intergenerational wealth transfer and legacy creation. With the expert support of our industry-leading RBC Wealth Management Services team, we can help you address your specific financial, tax, retirement and legacy planning concerns. 


Lyndon Fournier

Senior Investment & Wealth Advisor