Mr. Luc Perron has been our portfolio manager for a number of years during which time he has always given us sound advice and has managed our investments in a most successful manner. Luc is an experienced and well informed professional who takes the time to fully understand our current situation and adjusts our portfolio accordingly. We very much enjoy our friendly relationship with him and we are grateful to have him as our financial manager and advisor.
M.and N.

Luc has always given us, elderly clients, solid conservative advice, resulting in substantial growth in our portfolio.
E.G.L.& B.J.L.

Luc Perron has managed our portfolio almost since the day we first moved to Ottawa in 2000. He has done a superb job and has earned our trust and our respect. Needless to say we are most pleased with Luc and the manner in which he has handled our portfolio.
Louis & Diane Tannenbaum

Thank you Luc for giving us this opportunity to express our satisfaction with your management of our retirement funds. We have always felt secure and appreciated your thoughtful and professional approach to our situation.
Carol & James Gerlitz

I first met Luc in 2004 when my elderly father asked me to meet his investment advisor. My father was an economist and meticulous in all that he did, so the fact that he had such confidence in Luc spoke volumes to me. My father passed away a few months later and because he had had the foresight to establish this relationship, I felt confident in working with Luc as I exercised my duties as Power of Attorney for my elderly mother.

As a Senior Executive in the federal Public Service, I had been dealing with another financial institution for many years for my own investments. However, it became apparent that I was receiving better services with Luc on my mother’s portfolio and I therefore, moved all of my portfolio investments to RBC Dominion Securities with Luc as my portfolio manager and investment advisor.

My children have now also established small portfolios as part of their learning experience, so that we are now three generations who are benefitting from Luc’s expertise and advice. I have every confidence that Luc listens and acts according to the wishes and needs of myself and my family as his clients. He is always prompt in responding to our requests for information and is focused on managing our investments in our best interest and in accordance with our financial and life goals.