In this ever changing dynamic world, we are always seeking feedback on how we can serve you better. We want to know if we are servicing your needs, and how we are doing with providing guidance and options on your family situations and significant life events.
We consistently challenge ourselves to deliver a great client experience. Below, please find some of our client testimonials expressing their thoughts and experiences from working with our team.


“We have been blessed to partner with Liam for our financial journey for many years: initially, as Financial Planner our of our RBC branch and, later, as Wealth & Investment Advisor with his excellent team at RBC DS. During his entire partnership Liam's advice and guidance has been nothing short of excellent. During the early years the horizon seemed far away and dreams appeared far fetched. Liam's input and advice helped us stay the course and weather the (financial) storms.

Over time goals changed or got  adjusted, the horizon moved closer, and personal investment advice expanded to personal estate planning and corporate investment advice. Liam and the team around him have always been there for us and thanks to Liam's thoughtful and well-measured guidance our long-term financial future is secure and robust.

We would not hesitate to recommend the services of Liam and his team to anyone, no matter where they are in their financial journey.”

- Alex & Mrs. Alex

"My Husband and I started investing with Liam for a little over a year. He and his team have exceeded our expectations in terms of investment performance and providing advice on other financial issues such as tax planning and estate planning. If we have any issues, Liam and his team always reply or act promptly. As we approach our retirement age, it becomes more important to find a trusted financial advisor who can put our finance in place so that we can enjoy our retirement without worries. Liam has fulfilled this role for us."

- Lanna L

“My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with Liam and his team at Dominion Securities over the past five years. Regardless of the type of portfolio you may need guidance with whether corporate or individual, with Liam you get the complete package in a financial advisor. His intelligence and knowledge of the global financial markets and financial tools associated with those markets in order to achieve successful portfolio management together with the understanding of your individual risk tolerance are first class. As a result the goals set for you are always reasonable and results frequently exceeded. His communication and people skills make his fiscal review of your portfolio a pleasure to sit through as he goes into great detail to achieve a level of information we can all understand, expect and appreciate. I am happy to recommend Liam to anyone who is serious about their financial future.”

- Michael & Darlene

"We are passionate about our careers and have seen that committing to our work pays well. But getting our pay to make us wealthy was a stretch for us. Building wealth requires: knowledge, diligence and commitment. We met with RBC wealth management team a few years back and were introduced to the RBC Dominion Securities team. I still remember the pretty hard conversations with Liam Wong to ensure we were with a team that not only had the knowledge, diligence; but a team that was committed to our goals. We needed a team we could trust that would work our visions of wealth for us.

Our experience over the past 5 years has been amazing to say the least. The RBC Wealth Management and the RBC Dominions Securities work as a single team to right set our dreams and deliver on them. We have seen our nest egg gradually build to a sizable wealth base at about the committed growth rate, despite severe market turbulence. Not just that, we now have an estate plan in place.

The RBC Team has gone above and beyond: Help create the wealth for us and make that wealth last.

This team is a A++ team to have on your side, if one has serious financial visions."

- A. Rajan

"My wife and I are both engineers who retired recently. For our entire working careers, we were diligent in saving for our retirement. We set overall goals for the collection of wealth and were able to achieve them prior to retirement through the purchasing of mutual funds. Back when we started purchasing mutual funds it was a simple matter of handing money over to the banks to invest.

But when retirement came it was as if we had to flip a switch and put financial management in a different mode. We were no longer in saving mode and had to switch into conservation mode with an element of risk management to reduce any unexpected financial hits.

By the time we retired our previous financial manager had evolved into a small practice with limited services. Our first step was to look for a company with a wider scope of services who also understands the implications to our financial plan when one of us happens to be an American citizen. We knew that a revised financial plan was required for our current array of financial assets with a close look at our wills, our tax responsibilities (Canadian and American), and inheritance options for our daughter.

Liam was able to accomplish all of the above through a series of meetings with the appropriate experts, which resulted in us updating our wills and our American tax returns.

We could not be more satisfied with the financial management provided by Liam and his team and are constantly updated through the on-line tools provided by RBC and Dominion Securities.”

- M & D Keith

"Liam Wong and his team have been keeping me well informed of the market over the past few years. I have never lost sleep over my investments knowing that they are in good hands. Now that i am ready to walk into a retirement life, I would introduce my wife to the team so that she may enjoy her retirement as well as i do."

- P.K. Chan

"I have started working with Liam Wong and his team about 7 years ago. Liam has recommended himself as highly skilled and knowledgeable Investment and Wealth Advisor. He has demonstrated exceptional knowledge of financial markets and various instruments. After thoroughly investigating my objectives, goals and current situation he has provided a custom tailored investment solution that has outperformed the expectations that he has set prior. Liam and his team have always made themselves available to assist me with any questions that I had along the way. They have also communicated directly with my accountant making it a lot easier to handle tax reporting. I would recommend Liam and his team to anyone looking to grow their net worth through various financial market instruments.”

- Dam A.