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A proper investment strategy involves much more than simply choosing the right investment product. To us, it is essential to get to know you so that we can fully understand your needs and objectives in order to offer the best advice possible for you particular situation.

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Whether you are a professional, entrepreneur, business owner or a future retiree, The Archambault/Lévesque Group is your access point to the multitude of financial products and services available to you.

With a collective experience of over 125 years in the financial services industry, the members of The Archambault/Lévesque Group have a rigorous and disciplined approach to investment that will enable you to reach your financial goals with peace of mind.

Over the years, we have learned to take full advantage of our strong network of experts and the incomparable resources available to us at RBC Dominion Securities to protect, progress and transfer to the next generation the wealth you have accumulated.

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