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Since January 2010, we have been pleased to have Lance Bennett acting as our financial advisor.We have entrusted with him the management of our retirement portfolio received from the sale of our business. We find him to be honest, creative, intelligent, and diligent.

Our objectives are a conservative portfolio that maintains its principal while also providing regular, on going interest and/or dividend income. Lance understands both our immediate needs and our long term goals which has led to his effectiveness in managing our portfolio.  He has the professional ability to work both effectively and comfortably within our financial criteria.

We find him to be very attentive with our account.  He regularly reviews our portfolio to ensure that the current investments continue to meet our criteria.  If not, he responds quickly with an alternative plan. In a difficult financial market, during the past three years, the portfolio has improved its value while providing us with income as planned.

We find Lance to be very professional in all his dealings with us and available when needed. He takes time to explain the current situation including the many what ifs involved. His recommendations are both timely and creative.  He is diligent in researching the offerings that make sense for us. Of course we make the final decision regarding any portfolio changes.  Having said that, our decisions have always been in alignment with Lances recommendations which have worked to our advantage!

We are very satisfied with Lances performance and look forward to working with him and are confident in entrusting our portfolio to him in the future. 

Respectfully submitted

Bruce & Helena Clark

We feel very fortunate to have Lance Bennett as our advisor at RBC Dominion Securities.  Over the years Lance has provided sound advice and taken very good care of our investments especially with our Tax-Free Savings accounts.  His listening skills and demeanor instill confidence.  He really goes that extra mile in helping increase the value of our portfolios.

We have a great deal of respect for Lances knowledge and expertise in financial planning and portfolio building.  We know we can forget about the investments and know they are in safe hands which is one less thing for us to worry about.

Jerry & Marguerite Minialoff

"I would describe Lance Bennett as very professional. Working with him has helped me make informed investment decisions. He uses a specialized approach that provides real value. I know that when I contact Lance, even if I can't reach him immediately , I can count on getting a prompt response. He is very focused on exceptional customer service."

William Burt-Plato Consulting Ltd.

"The key to receiving and using good investment advice is working with people like Lance Bennett and coming away knowing you have unbiased, fair, and honest information to deal with in making decisions now and in the future. Lance does a good job of explaining the strategies used while allowing your input and accepting your final decisions."
Don Ainley


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