Our Values

Being guided by values allows us to be authentic and offer a consistent experience to those who deal with us. Here are some of our values. 

Genuine Sincerity 

  • We aim to be honest and truthful in the way we act. Those who work with us place a significant amount of trust in us and we want to honor that. We genuinely care about the work that we do and the people that we work with. 

Radical Transparency 

  • We want to foster trust with those that we work with. To do so we focus on transparency in regards to fees, conflicts of interest, and our efficiency when we receive requests. 

Exceptional Advice & Education

  • Our belief is that an investor who understands what they own, why they own it, and what the associated costs are with that product is a more empowered investor. Education is an ongoing part of our relationship with our clients and allows us to provide the best possible advice. 


  • We aim to complete requests as they are received and if they cannot be done immediately we set a realistic timeline for completion. We want to offer a great experience to those who work with us. 


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Our Team


Kyle Turner, B.Mgmt., CIM, CFP

Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor


Owen Goosen, B.Comm., CIM

Associate Advisor