Dealing With Unprecedented Drawdowns

June 20, 2022 |Kyle Turner
Draw downs for investors to start the year have been challenging to say the least. For a segment of investors it has been historically bad. Traditionally categorized as conservative to very conservative investors have seen some of the worst draw downs...
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Commodities: Higher Prices for Longer

March 21, 2022 |Owen Goosen
Inflation has been an issue for some time now and oil prices are on the rise again. As you grit your teeth at the gas pump this week, You may ask yourself; how long can this go on? How do high prices resolve themselves? There is a famous quote among commodity...
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4 Ways to Ruin Your Retirement

March 01, 2022 |Owen Goosen
1) Constantly worry about news headlines and how they impact the value of your investments. If you are 10, 20, 30+ years away from retirement and you are worried about what is happening today, you are already destined to fail. To invest for the long term...
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Creating A Contract with your Future Self

October 06, 2021 |Owen Goosen
In Homer’s Odyssey, the hero Ulysses and his men must sail past The Sirens. There are tales that The Sirens sing so beautifully that any man who hears their voice becomes so captivated they cease to act rationally; sitting and listening until their eventual...
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Simplifying your Portfolio

September 08, 2021 |Owen Goosen
Fall is a busy time with back to school, the conclusion of summer holidays, and sports resuming - so to make my life easier I like to simplify things like my personal finance. For me, September is a good time to review my investments, see if there are...
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Investment Lessons from a Global Pandemic

June 29, 2021 |Kyle Turner
As we quickly approach the re-opening of our province and the country, I have been reflecting on what has happened over the last year and a half. In March of 2020, fear was upon us as lock-downs began and economies came to a standstill. Markets were crashing...
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The Underlying Forces of the Market

June 08, 2021 |Owen Goosen
Financial markets can be intimidating for those taking their first steps on their investing journey. People hear stories of huge success and stories of those who lost it all. Even the most prolific investors tread the markets with caution. One risk you...
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The Cost of Inadequate Financial Planning

May 07, 2021 |Kyle Turner & Owen Goosen
The changes in the last decade of family net-worth are quite dramatic. In Saskatchewan, land values are up 141.6% from 2010-2020, more than doubling in value (119.5% across Canada), housing prices in Canada (calculated using data from 11 cities) are up...
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Thinking In Bets

March 25, 2021 |Owen Goosen
I like to use probability when making decisions. Relying on your ‘gut’ can lead to good short-term outcomes, but long-term success comes from having a disciplined approach. Using data to make decisions helps me to focus on the long term and not get caught...
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Understanding Inflation

March 12, 2021 |Owen Goosen
I have often been reminded by my grandparents about how much things used to cost 'back in my day'. As we all know, prices have risen significantly over the years. The obvious rebuttal to the statement is that wages have also gone up proportionately to...
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