My primary objective is to ensure my clients are on track towards achieving their financial goals by utilizing a personalized wealth strategy that is as unique as they are. This starts with a detailed discussion to gain a thorough understanding of their needs, goals and circumstances; which is paramount to the success of the wealth management process as it provides the information needed to tailor investment advice.

This approach recognizes that investment management is only one key part of a larger picture. Through engaging the industry-leading team of financial specialists at RBC Wealth Management, we will create an all-encompassing wealth strategy that incorporates financial planning, insurance solutions, tax minimization, estate and legacy planning and more. Whether you are planning for retirement, managing wealth across generations, or handling assets for both your family and your business; we will work with you to develop an appropriate strategy now to help secure your financial future.


Grow more than wealth

With a collaborative, values-based approach and a track record of responsibly building wealth with integrity, you can expect RBC Wealth Management to help you realize your life vision.

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Kevin Thomas, FMA, FCSI

Investment & Wealth Advisor, Financial Planner


Carter Thomas

Summer Student