It all starts with you
The starting point for achieving your goals is a personalized plan. No matter how simple or complex your needs, The McIntyre Group can create a plan tailor made for you. Several important factors will be considered in the creation of your plan - such as your personal investment goals, your time horizon and your risk tolerance. Based on these criteria, The McIntyre Group will recommend guidelines for making investment decisions, including security selection and asset mix criteria. Over time, your plan will evolve to keep pace with your changing needs and be adjusted to reflect current market conditions. The McIntyre group is here to help you prepare, prioritize and plan for your future and protect you from the unexpected.
A disciplined process is the key
To provide investment and wealth management, The McIntyre Group follows a disciplined four-step process to keep you on track to achieving your goals:
Step 1 - Establish realistic goals
Step 2 - Develop a well-defined investment strategy
Step 3- Implement the plan using sound investments of the highest quality while providing the highest level of ongoing client service and support
Step 4 - Review the portfolio in a disciplined manner on a periodic basis to ensure it remains effective.
The result? A clear roadmap of the future to help you realize financial security at each stage of your life. It will feature a portfolio custom tailored to meet your investment objectives while recognizing your willingness to accept risk and a process flexible enough to respond to changes in your objectives, but disciplined enough to maximize your financial returns.
What the Team provides to 'ALL' clients
We believe in providing all clients with the attention and service they deserve. We therefore offer you:
A friendly and capable team to ensure your questions and concerns are answered and dealt with in an efficient and timely matter. Click here to meet the team.
An established service plan that give you the option of when and how often you would like to meet to review your portfolio(s).
To ensure we stay in touch, reminder cards are sent to you prior to your review.
Daily market commentaries are sent via email (if you are interested).
Direct tax reporting to your Accountant upon request.
Online access to your RBD DS accounts are available.
And much more!


The McIntyre Group provides a comprehensive range of wealth management services designed to your unique specifications. Backed by the century-old tradition of RBC Dominion Securities – Canada’s leading full-service wealth management firm – you can be confident that you will get the professional advice and services you need. Whether you’re looking for personal wealth management for yourself, your family, or your business, Katie and her team have the expertise and access to the resources to help you achieve your goals.