A Financial To Do List

Jan 13, 2020 |Katie McIntyre
For me a day doesn't pass by without a list being written. I feel more organized using lists and I feel successful ticking items off the list! Successful people tend to work off to-do lists with a strong determination to complete each item on the list...
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2020 Handy Financial Planning Facts

Jan 06, 2020 |Katie McIntyre
Happy New Year and welcome to 2020, a new decade! We hope you had a wonderful holiday celebration with family and friends! With a new year comes new and updated information and we’ve attached a 2020 Handy Financial Planning Facts to be a quick reference...
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The Importance of Portfolio Rebalancing

Nov 18, 2019 |Katie McIntyre
A disciplined strategy on rebalancing starts with consistent annual reviews. With market fluctuations the asset mix that was initially decided on tends to drift. Our focus is to review annually for the optimal mix and account for any tax implications...
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Acting as Executor?

Jun 04, 2019 |Sarah Timm
Being named Executor (in Ontario, an Executor is called an estate trustee with a will) by a family member or friend is considered an honour. For those who have acted in this capacity it can be time consuming, daunting and emotional… As an Executor you...
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We need to talk about capital gains and losses versus the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE)

Jan 31, 2019 |Sarah Timm
In my experience with financial planning, it seems one of the most misunderstood topics is that of capital gains and losses, in particular where the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemptions (LCGE) fits into this conversation. I often hear varying interpretations...
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Charitable Intent? 'Tis the Season!

Dec 17, 2018 |Sarah Timm
With the Holiday season upon us we are reminded of goodwill to others and we should all take time to reflect on our daily blessings and the impact we can have on those less fortunate. This holiday season, the McIntyre Group has sponsored a family of five...
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Ring in 2019 with more money in your TFSA! New 2019 TFSA limit of $6,000

Nov 23, 2018 |Sarah Timm
2019 will bring a TFSA limit of $6,000, this means the total room since the inception of the TFSA in 2009 is $63,500. TFSA contribution room accumulates every year from the year in which you turn 18. We've heard it in the past... what's the big deal....
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