We are an experienced wealth advisory team with access to the tremendous centralized resources that RBC DS has to offer. We recognize that wealth management extends well beyond traditional investment counsel and money management. We provide full services including investment management, longer term financial planning, insurance and estate planning. The additional services beyond investment management are available to our clients at their discretion and, if enacted, we provide deep access to our broader team of RBC DS specialists.

With regards to investments, we recommend only what has been vetted and recommended by one of our internal market analysis teams. We utilize a combination of institutional money managers, stocks, ETFs, pools and funds. Clients have different allocations to risk to suit their specific needs via their equity vs. fixed income exposure ratio but the fulfillments are the same. They are always our best ideas.

With regards to the management of the accounts, we review everything on a quarterly basis. This includes following the firm’s asset allocation recommendations as well as our fulfillments in all areas. We run advisor-managed portfolios and provide the highest duty of care to our clients as per the guidelines set forth in the Investment Policy Statement. This is the highest level of due diligence available in the industry. In addition, this licensing allows us to be more pro-active in managing the accounts, allows us to be more nimble in implementing changes and positioning portfolios more defensively if the need arises.

We are very cost conscious and our management fee is fully transparent.

Ultimately, at Comeault Dwyer Advisory Group, we seek to bridge the gap between your finances and the lifestyle and goals that you have set for yourself. We believe in having a quantifiable and measurable plan to ensure that you are on the right track. We pride ourselves on providing clarity and peace of mind and helping families, professionals, executives and business owners with their comprehensive wealth management needs.