I have no hesitation in recommending the Sheridan Wealth Management Group. They have a comprehensive, holistic approach to financial planning supported by a strong focus on continuous communication and client relationship management. This customer centric approach in turn garners a high level of trust and confidence in their financial planning!

– Client since March 2016



We are relatively new clients of the Sheridan Group and were impressed from the outset by the unique and comprehensive approach used by the firm in developing a client specific investment program. The entire team is professional and supportive and we have been most pleased by their high level of quality service.

– Client since May 2017



We have been clients of Sheridan Wealth Management since 2011. Since the very beginning we have been extremely satisfied with Jim and his team and their management of our portfolio. They have provided detailed and comprehensive solutions for our lifestyle needs. We have used many of the resources provided by Sheridan Wealth in order to accomplish our goals.

– Client since October 2011



We have worked with the Sheridan Wealth Management Group for eight years and continue to be highly impressed by their efficiency, knowledge, communication and breadth of services.

– Client since November 2010



I have been a very satisfied client of the Sheridan Wealth Management Group since 2008. After following due diligence with 6 other possible investment partners, I thankfully decided to put my trust in the Sheridan Wealth Management Group for several reasons.

Since I was at the end of full-time medical practice while still working part-time, I needed reassurance that there was a plan to protect wealth while managing risk at my age. This group had a well thought out plan for investing which gave me confidence in their ability to fulfill this need. They have performed well!

The Group provided a wealth of resources from the Royal Bank which have been very useful in forward planning. I was reassured by the Group’s daily access to investment information and advice from the Royal Bank’s investment head office experts, while at the same time tailoring investment decisions to my individual situation.

Jim provided an environment in the office which exuded a family like team atmosphere with his staff while displaying full professionalism with a broad experience in his investment background.

Jim, from the first visit, focused on the importance and benefit of making sure that my wife was an important decision contributor in the investment planning. This was a unique experience for her but gave us, as a couple, confidence that he was interested and invested in our family’s needs. Time has borne that to be true. The confidence has translated to the referral of my daughter and her husband to the Group for providing their family’s investment needs.

From the beginning, there was the assurance of access to Jim and/or his staff for regular complete reviews of our investment status. Subsequently, there has been the addition of planning information for a full comprehensive Family Profile which can be updated annually.

Time has proven my decision to be a wise one. I became a client just prior to the 2008 stock market crash. I had a sense of calm which was rewarded by full involvement in the recovery of the market with appropriate growth since that time. I can strongly recommend the Sheridan Wealth Management Group as an exceptional team who are worthy of their excellent reputation.

– Client since April 2007



I have recently transferred my accounts from another banking institution, and I have been grateful for the attentive and professional expertise I have received with RBC. I have already recommended them to my best friend, so that she can benefit from the same sense of financial security.

– Client since June 2011



Jim Sheridan has been my investment advisor since I moved to the GTA 10 years ago and he has been instrumental in steering my finances through some good and bad economic times that we've experienced together over the years. Upon meeting Jim, I was immediately impressed with his background in corporate banking as well as his extensive knowledge of the financial markets and different financial instruments. His strategy goes well beyond getting the maximum return on investment for his clients. He gets to know his clients personally in order to understand their financial and life goals, as well as their risk tolerance. Jim looks at the big picture and always does what's in the best long term interests of his clients. He has surrounded himself with a very capable and friendly staff that cover all aspects of financial security from investments to insurance needs to will and estate planning.

I have learned a lot from Jim and his team over the years and am very comfortable with their approach to wealth management. They always involve me in the decision making process to ensure that I fully understand the potential risks and benefits to any decision and to ensure that I am comfortable with the financial game plan. They encourage feedback and like to discuss matters face to face on a regular basis. I feel very secure knowing that Jim and his team are watching over my finances.

– Client since October 2009