Head of the largest portfolio management group in the Oakville RBC Dominion Securities branch, Jim Sheridan is focused on developing conservative wealth management and estate planning strategies for individual and corporate clients. He has been designing financial solutions for executives, medical professionals, business owners and families since 1986.

Preservation of capital and management of risk are Jim's top priorities, followed closely by ensuring performance stays ahead of the eroding effects of inflation and taxation. Through the strategic use of trusts, options, charitable donation of stock, capital gains planning, income splitting and insurance, Jim helps his clients achieve their goals.

Many of Jim's clients have chosen to take advantage of the firm's prestigious discretionary offering, Private Investment Management, freeing them from making day-to-day investment decisions.

Jim's Four Core Investment Beliefs
1. It is crucial to get to know clients before investing on their behalf.
2. Financial success is best achieved through a carefully written plan.
3. A successful investor requires a diversified portfolio.
4. Capital preservation is key.

"I lead my clients in a process to build and protect their wealth, and create peace of mind."
- Jim Sheridan

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