Global Insight Monthly - July 2021

Key Highlights

The July edition of Global Insight is now available. In our feature article on fintech, we discuss the convergence of finance and technology, which can help make economic growth sustainable by empowering unbanked populations.

Highlights include …

The FinTech future - With the face of finance changing rapidly, we believe there will be investment opportunities in companies that effectively embrace the evolution. 

Global equity: Green light for economy and markets - As we enter H2 2021, all signs point to a continued economic improvement and no recession in the immediate future. Although a correction is always possible, we don’t view one as inevitable.

Global fixed income: The event horizon - The prospect of the Federal Reserve tightening monetary policy has swung back into view, prompting market volatility and raising concerns about support for the global recovery. Will the Fed’s policy moves encourage global central banks to follow suit?


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Global Insight Weekly - July 15, 2021

In this week's issue...

Does the bond market care about inflation? – With U.S. inflation rising sharply and the Fed choosing to continue its accommodative monetary policy, the recent rally in Treasuries may seem surprising. We look beyond price increases to break down the factors driving the market response. (pg 1)

U.S. stocks need more than strong earnings to move higher – As earnings season kicks off, RBC Capital Markets expects strong earnings growth, but looks for more than that to push stocks higher. Meanwhile, weekly initial U.S. unemployment claims hit a pandemic-period low (pg 3)

Regional highlights: Bank of Canada keeps policy rates steady while tapering bond purchases; EU unveils its “Fit for 55” climate proposals; China’s retail sales beat estimates (pgs 3-4)


Global Insight Weekly, July 15, 2021 (

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