Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Welcome to our page on Intergenerational Wealth Transfer. Below are links to various topics that we cover often with our clients when discussing intergenerational wealth transfer strategies. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us


Wealth Transfer

"Wealth Transfer" is a report discussing the in depth analysis of inheriting wealth across generations. Wealth Transfer touches on topics like the personal journey of learning, the inheritance experience, wealth transfer on hold, educating the next generation, and more. 

Insights into giving and inheriting wealth across generations

Within a generation, over $400 billion is expected to be passed down to inheritors in Canada. How are Canadian families preparing for one of the largest transfers of wealth in history? And will inheritors be ready?

“It’s up to the givers of wealth to proactively prepare the next generation to manage that wealth.”


Financial Literacy

Having achieved a comfortable level of wealth, it is understandable that you want your children to enjoy the opportunities available to them. But how do you balance that with raising financially responsible children? 

Financial literacy is an important life skill that evolves with a child's maturity level, yet it is not taught in school. We offer a Financial Literacy Kit - a useful package that offers strategies to help busy parents teach important age-appropriate savings, investing and credit skills.

Below are links to inserts from the kit that includes a comprehensive chart of ideas that steadily increases in financial responsibility, with the goal of nurturing an independent and money-wise young adult. We have also created age-appropriate reading material to encourage children to become involved and excited about building money skills and financial awareness. 

6 to 12 Years 13 to 17 Years 17 to 18 Years
18 to 23 Years 24+ Years Summary Chart


In addition here are some helpful links, calculators and publications for curious minds of all ages:

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RBC DS Calculators

RBC Advice Centre

Succeeding in Succession

For those who would like to decide in advance who is going to run their business in the future, they need a succession plan. The following link is a guide to keeping family harmony through your business transition. 

Succeeding in Succession

We believe accomplishments are found in continuous improvement and leaving things better than we found them.